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Thrifted Fur $20, Retail Value $9K

I am definitely EXTRA when it comes to dressing!  Therefore it should come as no secret to you, that I own a few gorgeous fur coats that probably cost more than $15K in total.  Yet, my fur collection has cost me, under $100.  I am absolutely not exaggerating, nor lying.  …

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How To Wear Red Slouch Boots Like A Boss

  Slouch boots was one shoe trend that emerged above the rest this fall/winter season with a vengeance.  Slouch boots appeared on nearly every designer runway, and of course, everyone was looking at the Saint Laurent’s crystal-embellished boot.  But those beauties run around $10,000 a pair, in other words, simply something that …

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How To Dress Down Sequins For Everyday Wear

I love wearing sequins.   To me, you can and should absolutely wear them beyond the countless holiday soirees and New Year’s Eve shindigs.  Truth be told, a little extra sparkle is just what is needed to combat those dreaded January blues? I know that most of you reading this may not believe sequins is something …

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7 Amazing Tips For Estate Sales Shopping

I will be honest with you, estate sales have always intimidated me.  I always assumed they were the exclusive domain of antique dealers and collectors—a world of prohibitively pricey china and artwork.  But, after listening to some of my fellow Thrifting Divas in my Facebook group, I decided to give …

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