• NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO is up!!!!! I am sharing the best ideas and tips to organize jewelry.  Let's face the truth.  If you cannot see it,  you will not wear it.  The videos will show you how I organize my extensive collection. Link in bio.  #thriftingdiva
  • Loving how my colorful living room pillows flow with my thrifted sequins!  #thriftingdivas
  • Behind the scenes!  Working on new youtube videos for release this week! Adding youtube to the list is a major goal of mine this year.  Definitely a lot of work, but I absolutely love sharing my thrifty ways with anyone who will listen and watch. #thriftingdivas
  • Saving money by making brunch at home rather than going out to a restaurant. Steak and eggs, with some french toast bake. Besides it is cold outside! #thriftingdivas
  • How I organize my thrifted jewelry.  The armoire holds A LOT! #thriftingdivas
  • So happy to find these mustard color Francesco Milano boots from #yoox.  Change up the neutrals in the winter.  Best of all, these italian boots were only $35 on sale. #thriftingdivas