• Happy Thanksgiving!!!! My table is set.  Now let'get that food in there.  #thriftingdivas
  • Can you really do Thanksgiving dinner prep without some assistance?  Check out these thrifted martini glasses also!  Goodwill hooked me up, $2 a piece. #thriftingdivas
  • Getting ready for Thanksgiving!!!! #thriftingdiva
  • I have been rocking this thrifted bag lately, and I absolutely love it. Large enough for me to throw a lot in, and classy enough to make any outfit look great.  Thrifted for $6.  Do you switch out your bags often?  #thriftingdivas
  • Getting ready for #thanksgiving2017 and running errands all day!!! But, never let them see you sweat. Take a moment to make yourself look great and all else will fall in place.  Thrifted striped blazer with cozy bright thrifted sweater. My fall errands uniform.  #thriftingdivas
  • Popped into Old Navy yesterday to get coats for the little ones, and found these velvet beauties, on clearance, $8!!!!!!! #thriftingdivas