• This faux leather @Zara skirt is one of my favorite midi skirts!  Of course, the clearance price of $12.99 was pretty awesome wouldn't ypu agree?  #thriftingdivas
  • The details on this sequin sweater are simply magnicent.  The Goodwill price tag of $12 is BONUS!!!!! #thriftingdivas
  • I am just going to leave this right here.  #thriftingdivas
  • Have you checked out the latest video on YouTube?  I am talking about affordable and casual ways to wear prints and patterns on my YouTube Channel, Thrifting Diva!  If you want to see the full video please check out the link in the bio.  #thriftingdivas
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  • I'm just saying...if you are going to set a bar, this might motivate you.  #thriftingdivas