• Thrifted this St. John Knits sweater from Goodwill, $6!!!!!!!!! Saved myself a few hundred dollars with this score. #thriftingdiva
  • Midi skirt with denim and animal print!  Can't go wrong with this combination.  Even better, the amazing clearance prices on these pieces makes this outfit a total winner in my book. #thriftingdiva
  • When you find a dope vintage store in Baltimore, you try everything on...Check out @illicitragvintage if you are in Baltimore and looking to add some statement vintage pieces to your closet! #thriftingdivas
  • Vintage purses are an eye catcher to me. Adds interest to an outfit.  Allows you to stand out in the crowd. Says to the world, that you are about your own style, not the cookie cutter look.  #thriftingdivas
  • It's layering season.  Most of your printed collared blouses can be worn underneath a sweater and still peek out to give the look some interest.  Thrifted blouse and sweater here, making my layered look under $10!  #thriftingdivas
  • Found myself an awesome vintage spot in Baltimore, @illicitragvintage.  Let me tell you, AMAZING PIECES!  If you are looking for some statement pieces to add to your wardrobe, then you must stop by this place. Check out some of those amazing pieces on youtube.  Link to video in bio.  #thriftingdivas