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thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva One of the things that keeps me from feeling overwhelmed when thrifting or buying too much in thrift stores is to have a running thrift wish list.  On my thrift wish list are pieces that I am on the hunt for.  As you may already know, you don’t know what you will get at a thrift or consignment store on any given day.  Shopping at these stores are not the same as going to a retail store where you can be confident of the selection.

I actually keep my thrift wish list on my phone’s notepad, so I am rarely without it.  I try very hard to adhere to this list, which allows me to stick to a clear plan when I go thrifting.  Jumpsuits are on my thrift wish list.  It’s actually in bold and capitalized as those are my ultimate score!  But, it is the one item on the list that I am unable to remove, even when I do run across a great one.

thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva DSC_3476 I think jumpsuits are awesome fashion pieces to add to every diva’s wardrobe.  They are very quick and effortless outfits to put together, yet so very chic.  This jumpsuit caught my eye because of the color.  I picked up this cute piece at a consignment shop in San Diego called Thrift Traders, for $5.  I especially love the ruffle detail in the middle and the cuffed hem.
thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva This jumpsuit required very little accessories so I paired it with a simple thrifted necklace that cost $2, some pumps that I received as a gift years ago while in law school (I love them but don’t get to wear them often), and a glittery gold clutch that I picked up from TJ Maxx for $5 on clearance.
thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva thrift wish list and jumpsuits - thrifting diva Do you have a thrift wish list?  Please share what is on it?

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  1. I love thrifting and will be doing a big run in August. That said, my wishlist is valid for both thrift/flea markets as well as retail shops. These are usually pieces that I feel are “missing” from my wardrobe. One of them being a light colored purse/bag – white, cream, nude etc.

    I don’t want to get overwhelmed by my own wardrobe, so I try to shop with a plan.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  2. This jumpsuit fits you great and the color is pretty. 🙂 I don’t have a thrift wish list. I just grab what I like.


    • Mo,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving this compliment! The color is what caught my eye first. No wish lists would have me grabbing an entire store at time. I need a little structure in my life unfortunately.

  3. I’m sold!! $5 bucks for a current trend, that’s awesome. And, you look great!

  4. Love this look on you. Super cute. You know whats on my wish list and maybe one day you will bless me.

  5. This is such a great look! This shade of purple looks really good on you too!

  6. This is one of the best thrifted outfits that I have ever seen! Thank you for the idea of keeping the “wish” list on the phone, as I always forget when I go, mostly because I get excited and my brain shuts down!

    • Antionette,
      Wow, thank you for that really amazing compliment! Lol about your brain shutting down. That used to be me. Once I walked into the store, I would become overwhelmed and wander around the store. Go smart phones!

  7. Absolutely stunning look. It’s also one of my favourite colours, beautiful shade.

  8. I want your jumpsuit, like right now! You look fabulous as always and you´re wearing my favorite color too. 🙂

    I do have a thrift wish list but we don´t have a lot of thrift stores here like you do in there and so most of the time I just rely on the sales to fulfill my wish list.

  9. What a great jumpsuit! I love the color and style. This is definitely a great find! I love the way you paired it with neutral pumps and clutch.

  10. I love this jumpsuit. The color is richand pretty. I don’t have a thrifting I need to start because I’m,issuing out on some gorgeous unique pieces 🙂

  11. Love this color on you! Definitely a great thrift find! I don’t have a thrift wish list but it’s always a good idea to have in mind what you’re looking for when you go in there!!


  12. You look GORG! I’ve been looking for the perfect jumpsuit for forever and I still haven’t found one that I love. Yours fit you like a glove!


    • MaRae,
      Thank you so very much for that beautiful compliment. I love jumpsuits and always have an eye out for it. I was extremely happy when I saw this one just hanging there by itself. Can we say Thrift Gods looking down on me.

  13. You look lovely! This jumpsuit was made for you and I love the accessories and shoes! I have a jumpsuit on my thrift list too. Still not luck. Hope to find one soon!


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