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I am often asked how do I choose my thrifted pieces.  When I thrift, I am normally drawn into pieces that simply catch my eye such as bright colors, patterns, textures, etc.  I don’t simply thrift for designer clothes, but I must tell you, knowing your designers is a huge plus when thrifting as you are able to quickly determine when you have scored an awesome find.  Truth be told, a used Target t-shirt for $2–not such a deal, as you can get that same deal often in Target’s clearance section.  However, a used Banana Republic cashmere sweater for $3— now that is a a steal! Learn how to spot quality fabrics and brands from a distance.
Thrift Tip - Know Your Designers Thrift Tip - Know Your DesignersI’ll be honest with you, I often do a lot of research (google) at the thrift store when I am unsure of a particular designer.  I normally want to know what are the retail prices for the designers’ items, where it’s sold or even what pieces came out in which season.  I recently took a friend thrifting at a Goodwill here in San Diego.  As it had started really feeling chilly outside, I wanted to focus on thrifting only sweaters during this particular trip.  While walking down the sweater aisle, I spotted this beautiful knit sweater and immediately pulled it from the rack.  Checking the tag, imagine my surprise when I saw that it was a St John for Neiman Marcus sweater.  These sweaters normally retail at $400, but here at Goodwill, I was going to walk away with it for $8.00.  Of course, if I didn’t realize who the designer was, I would not have realized just how much of a score this was!
Thrift Tip - Know Your Designers Thrift Tip - Know Your Designers Thrift Tip - Know Your DesignersI added this thrifted Banana Republic khaki blazer to the outfit for a layered look.  I love blazers, and probably 99% of the blazers I own are thrifted.  This Banana Republic blazer was thrifted from the Salvation Army here in San Diego for $4.50.  Of course, we all know that Banana Republic blazers start at $150.  Once again, an easy score here.
Thrift Tip - Know Your Designers Thrift Tip - Know Your DesignersI went with these vegan leggings that I got last year.  These continue to be my absolute favorite tights as you can see that they have made numerous appearances on this blog like here, here and here.
Thrift Tip - Know Your Designers Thrift Tip - Know Your DesignersI completed the outfit with these thrifted Loeffler Randall polka dot heels.  I thrifted these heels at Housing Works in NYC last year for $18, which was a major score as they retailed for $440 at Neiman Marcus.  Finally, my pocketbook was also thrifted from Goodwill for $3.  I thrifted it because I loved the design on the front, it’s genuine leather and very unique.
Thrift Tip - Know Your DesignersWhat has been one of your biggest thrift score?

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  1. Fabulous look! 99% of my blazers are thrifted as well! The heels and sweater are adorable, great finds. I also look first for things that catch my eye then the designers are the second check mark. Recently I’ve found some great known designers, but discovering a new designer is just as exciting (which the oh so helpful google search 🙂

  2. I have to disagree with you about knowing the designers. I feel it might sometimes blind one to find a piece from a particular brand and feel it’s a bargain, even though the material might be lousy, the piece doesn’t fit etc. I’m trying to concentrate on materials and look for quality (well sewn seams, durable fabric etc.), despite the brand/designer. I guess wer’e looking fr the same result with a slightly different approach 🙂

    Thank you for a beautiful blog with an interesting theme!

  3. Great job. Your’s is the best thrift/fashion blog that I’ve seen.

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