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Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva
Wear What You Like!  Hopefully, hearing it enough, “wear what you like” allows you to reevaluate your attitude on dressing if you tend to dress based on what others would approve. We have all had times where we wonder if make a particular purchase, not necessarily based on the price, but rather on whether other people would give us the thumbs up.  So how important is it to buy wardrobe items that are deemed stylish or on trend by a lot of people?
Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva Wear What You Like - Thrifting diva
Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if “wear what you like” should apply to you.  It’s important to be honest with the answers.

Do you ever care a little too much about what others would say about your outfit?
Have you ever felt that you’re not dressed well enough to attend certain functions?
Have you asked yourself if people around you are judging you by what you are wearing?
Did you ever feel uncomfortable at any function because you thought you’re overdressed or under dressed?

Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva
Now if you are able to answer NO to all the questions about, then I commend you wholeheartedly for being confident in your style, and not needing the validation of others.  You are obviously a person who wears what you like, and the opinion of others is not a priority.   But, If you’re like most people, and I admit that I am right there with you, and your answers are in affirmative to some of the above questions, then I have to say that we are giving way too much credence to the opinion of others.  You must understand that you need to start adopting the mentality that you should wear what you like.  If you like bold colors.  Wear it.  If you love prints.  Wear it.  If you love to stick to a neutral palette.  Wear your neutrals.  Simply said, wear what you like.

Wear What You Like -Thrifting Diva Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva
Style is part of your identity and as a result, it is personal.  Yes, it may change somewhat as you get older, it may change with some trends, and it may even change with seasons.  But, what a person likes, and why they like a particular style is personal to that individual.  Unfortunately, many women seem to be motivated by choosing clothes and adopting a style, that they believe will be acceptable to others.  Now, I am not saying that the opinion of others is completely useless.  It is not a bad idea to have a friend go shopping with you to give their opinion on pieces when you are conflicted.  However, a bad idea is to rely on what others think about our style before we are able to provide our own honest opinion about what we like and don’t like.  When I was growing up, I agonized over what people thought of my style.  I went to public school in New York City, and fitting in with the “cool” kids meant styling myself in what I believe they thought was acceptable.  Which clothes you wore also determined which ‘group’ you belonged.  However as I have grown older, I had to start caring less about what other people think, and rather go with my own instinct and style preferences.
Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva
I am often asked how I would describe my style.  To date, honestly, I don’t have the perfect word to sum it up.  What I can say is that I wear what I like.  I like to take fashion risks. I like to wear outfits that are different, or come up with combinations that others haven’t thought of.  I need to be in the right state of mind, but when I’m confident and in love with my outfit, I don’t really care what anyone else thinks.  As long as you feel good about yourself in the outfit, then that is all that matters.  In those situations I delight in wearing something that no one else has.  It’s one of my biggest reasons that I would rather head to a thrift store in a heartbeat, than rather shop at the mall.  The unique items in my wardrobe are conversation pieces.  I know that when I walk into a function, my outfit will not be seen on half the guests.
Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva Wear What You Like - Thrifting Diva
I found this amazing dress from New To You Consignment shop in Annapolis, MD.  I absolutely love this consignment shop.  They have a very wide range of fashionable clothes, and very reasonably priced.  I love this store so much that whenever I do a style session with a client, this is the first place I take my clients.  Not one client has walked out of this store with less than 10-12 outfits during a 2 hour session, and all under $200.  I found this dress there a couple of months back and the unusual print immediately caught my eye.  I tried it on, and was hesitant at first.  In the Facebook Group, I started, one of the games the members play is Yay or Nay.  If out shopping, and a fellow Thrifting Diva runs across an item, they simply take a photo of the item and post to the group, with the question Yay or Nay.  With over 33,000 members, you better believe you are going to get some opinions.  I have sought their help at times, and on this day, I submitted a photo to the group with this dress.   I would say that the response was probably 60% yay, 40% nay.  However, knowing my personal style, and knowing that I would easily find a way to make this work, I bought the dress.  Besides, the dress was only $10.  Thus, if I decided later that this was an absolute nay, I would not have lost too much.
Last weekend hubby and I attended a wedding and while shopping my closet, I ran across the dress.   Any concerns I had went out the window when I tried it on again.  A September intimate wedding demanded this gorgeous dress.  Yes the prints are out there.  They actually don’t even look like they match.  But it works, and most importantly, it works for me.  Once I tried it on with my BCBG blue sandals, it felt perfect.  You recently saw these sandals make an appearance here, and even earlier, here.  Finally, some simple accessories and this thrifted orange clutch pulled the entire look together.

Wear what you like.  If it makes you feel great, if it makes you confident and puts a pep in your step, then waiting around for others opinion will keep you stuck.  Of course, please understand that there is a time and place for anything.  Therefore, barring inappropriateness, make your style personal to you.  Hear what others say, but you do not always have to listen to them.  At the end of the day, life is too short to dress according to the likes and dislikes of others.


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  1. This is a lesson my mother taught me years ago. I wear what I like and could not give two hoots what anyone else thinks. They don;t have to look at me if they don’t like it LOL.

  2. “Style is part of your identity and as a result, it is personal. Yes, it may change somewhat as you get older, it may change with some trends, and it may even change with seasons. But, what a person likes, and why they like a particular style is personal to that individual. ” PREACH!! I could not agree more!!! LOVE this look!!!

  3. Can you please just come to my house every morning and dress me? I don’t even know what I like, I’m so bad at fashion. It’s actually on my bucket list to buy an amazing shirt, that’s how pathetic I am. Lol.

  4. I love that dress. I think if I was in a store, and saw it on a hanger, I’d write it off as too noisy. But it looks fantastic on you. I’ve definitely had that experience with things I’ve worn as well. I’ve been shocked in the past that something looks good that I thought for sure wasn’t my style. That’s why it’s always a good idea to try things on from time to time that intrigue you but don’t seem like something you’d wear.

  5. That’s such a beautiful message especially for all the ladies out there. I think our clothes is a great way to express ourselves and to show who we are. It would be better to just wear what we want or feel like wearing.

  6. I love love love this post!! I have been letting this get to me lately…worrying about if my style is acceptable to others..that is what instagram can do to you, lol…too much comparing and when your pics don’t get the engagement you were hoping for…creates self image probs…

    This was so encouraging and along lines of thought I’ve been pondering..thank you!


  7. I love your confidence and your sense of style. I didn’t wear what I like until recently. This year, I decided to just be myself and show it through the way I dress. It feels amazing and you have this new confidence within you that’s just really awesome!

  8. First I absolutely love everything about your outfit and your confidence is evident and beautiful! I need to care a little less about what others think and start rocking things I love. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. This is a post that every teen and young woman needs to read. I swear those were the years where I worried about what everyone thought!

  10. The print on the dress is beyond pretty and great choice pairing the dress with the blue heels. I agree that we should wear what we like and not care too much about what’s on trend or what people may think. For me, what I always try to bring forth in my styling is to feel comfortable and relaxed. Not to appear to forced or ‘try-hard’.

  11. You have amazing style! And I love the blue shoes. What you’ve said here is so important and true. I think at this point in my life I dress based on my own preferences mostly. The questions really made me think though.

  12. I agree that style is personal and like you I wrote why its important to find your own style. We shouldn’t have to worry about what other people think because our style is intrinsic to our identity. I have to say though I love the shift dress and cobalt heels x

  13. I had this experience recently. A friend was trying to get me to buy loose yoga pants, and I was telling her no. I have a couple of pairs already and I don’t like them. She was pretty insistent but I persisted. I’m the one that’s wearing the clothes, and comfort is key for me. I need to FEEL comfortable.

  14. I agree life is too short to not wear what you like! There have been times I have felt overdressed (more often than under dressed). But now that I am older I feel like I can own it more and be confident about it.

  15. I get so worried about what other people are going to think about my clothing choices. I love this. I need to wear what I love and makes me happy.

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