Wearing Sheer Will Make You Feel Sexy

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva
I am talking about the “S” word in fashion today.  Sexy that is!  I believe that many people out there misunderstand the word, and often associated with trashy, or x-rated.  I have to say that it’s pretty limited to have that view on sexy, and those stereotypes should literally be broken now.  Now, let me be very clear.  When I say that women should strive to be sexy every now and then, I am not talking about smutty or vulgar.  I believe that sexy is about being sensual and confident.  If you’ve ever dressed up and felt hot, oozing of sexiness – what ever “sexy” looks like for you – you also realize the boost in confidence you can get.

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva
Some women think that to achieve a sexy look, you should be wearing something short and revealing.  However, there are a number of ways that you  can look sexy without even revealing a lot of skin.  The important thing to understand, and master when coming to achieving a sexy look, is how to manage being sexy and classy simultaneously.  There are absolutely various ways you can dress up in a sexy way and yet maintain a classy look.
Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva

As we are talking sexiness, let’s talk about wearing a little sheer.  Thankfully, since sheer is on trend right now, you can find so many various options out there.  It seems like lace, mesh and chiffon are everywhere.  The common theme in all of these fabrics, is that these fabrics are extremely feminine, sexy and quite classy.  Now when I am talking sheer, I am not asking you to go all out and wear a full sheer dress or top.  Remember, to attain that sexy and classy look, you simply need to highlight a little bit of skin.  Think “peek a boo”.  I promise you that wearing a little sheer won’t hurt.

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva
I have styled clients looking for a few date night outfits, and I often see that they are intimidated by sheer tops, as they believe it’s too revealing.  Of course, you have to know yourself.  Know how much skin you can reveal and still feel comfortable, sexy, and confident. But if you are looking for a little number for that long-awaited date night, then try a sheer piece and be the showstopper of the evening.   Remember, there are tasteful ways to wear sheer tops, so stop looking at how other women pull it off, and jump onboard.  Your ego will thank you for it, I promise you.

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva
I have to be honest with you.  I too get a little nervous about wearing sheers.  So, when I found this beautiful accordion INC International sheer top from Macy’s Last Act, I quickly snatched it up.  It’s the perfect amount of sheer for me.  Yet, while so simple, it looks amazingly sexy doesn’t it?  Most importantly, it is classy as well.  I paid $11 for this top, as it was in the clearance section.  If you haven’t checked out Macy’s Last Act, you are definitely missing out on some amazing savings.  I can’t tell you the last time I bought something from Macy’s at full price because I always get lucky with awesome pieces in the clearance section.

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva
I wore this sexy sheer top out on date night with hubby.  I paired the top with these white distressed skinny jeans from H&M, which I picked up a couple of years ago for $18 on sale.  Who doesn’t love a great fitting pair of white denims.  You simply cannot go wrong with styling white skinnies.  Paired with a black sheer top, this was a beautiful black and white combo.
Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva

Adding these Nine West animal print heels provided that extra appeal to this look.  I thrifted these heels in San Diego at City Digz a couple of years ago for $14.  However, that thrift store has since closed.  Finally, I completed this look with this mix print Aldo clutch.  I found this beautiful clutch at the Aldo outlet and only paid $12, discounted from $37.  I have told you often, you can look amazing without burning through your savings.  I achieved this look for under $80 and felt beautiful, sexy and classy for a date night with hubby.

Get A Sexy Look With Sheer - Thrifting Diva

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  1. First of all, I need that clutch! How cute is that? I am all for showing a little bit of skin and go sheer when ever I can!

  2. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with showing your sexy side. It is so important to not only look good but feel good as well.

  3. That is such a gorgeous blouse, plus I love how you paired it! I wear a lot of black, so I can easily see myself donning something like this.

  4. Beautiful blouse and entire outfit is just cute! I love how it just shows a little skin for a sexy look! You look stunning!

  5. You look amazing! Outfit on point! xx


  6. The sheer pleats give so much movement to this blouse, and I love your fun print mix. You are right, sexy is it’s own thing, never to be confused with trashy.

  7. Sexy dressing is usually not being classless. You can show some skin but that does not always equal sexy. Your sheer top is perfect and great on you.

  8. I love what you’ve said here about “sexy” and I couldn’t agree more! The sheer top is beautiful on you! I love the simplicity of black and white and you can’t wrong with a leopard print shoe.

  9. Stepping out in confidence and you look Marvelous.

  10. As usual, I love your shoes. I always look forward to reading your posts just to see what you’ve chosen to pair with your fabulous outfits. I’m also a fan of sheer. It does add that something to an outfit that makes you feel like you could take on the world.

  11. I love your taste in fashion – wish I could dress up like you everyday. You are so beautiful and fabulous. Thanks again for this fashion tip!

  12. Gorgeous top! I love it with the white jeans and the black heels, I feel like you can wear it well into the fall, even thought it’s sheer.

  13. I love your confidence and your style! I really admire the outfits that you share and how you style them as well, just like this! Sheer is definitely a lovely way to make you feel sexy without revealing too much.

  14. I think everyone’s definition of sexy varies and so you should always wear what makes you feel bold and sexy. I love sheer tops, though I don’t wear them often!!

  15. Oh you look so fabulous! I love the top, the jeans, the shoes and most specially your hair! Your get-up super matches to your hair!

  16. That is such a pretty outfit on you! I love the sheer top and the shoes rock!

  17. I love this sheer beautiful shirt. It is lovely.

  18. I love sheer versus short. The top is gorgeous and so is the bag. I think you are right in there being a difference with being classy and sexy versus vulgar.

  19. What a gorgeous top and those shoes are fab! I like how you paired them with distressed white denim to make it an everyday outfit too.

  20. What a great way to combine two looks. It’s never easy to be appropriate and sexy. But that top does the perfect job!

  21. Oooo what a chic look!!! You definitely rock the sheer look well!!! I might just have to add a sheer top to my wardrobe

  22. I definitely agree with the sheer. My friend wore a sheer dress for her birthday and it looked so good

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