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Off The Shoulder Top

Posted in ootd
on May 22, 2017

Dress Over Pants + Fashion Trend

Posted in ootd
on April 13, 2017

Dress Over Pants - Thrifting Diva
I’ve always loved the idea of the trend of layering a dress over pants, but worried that it would look awkward, or too hard to pull off.  However, when it comes to fashion, trying new trends is a must!  It’s the perfect way of having a little fun with fashion.  Some trends you test out and you you hate, and some trends, you simply fall in love.  For me, the dress over pants combo is amazing! Continue reading

Thrift The Fringe Trend

Posted in ootd
on October 19, 2015

Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva The fringe trend carries over to the fall this year.  To be honest with you, I can’t say that I jumped on the bandwagon with the fringe trend during the spring season.  But, fall is upon us, and a great fringe piece have been on my thrift wish list for a few months now.

Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva One of the great things about thrifting is that it definitely perfects your patience.   Since I wasn’t completely sold on the fringe trend, I elected to put my desires to acquire some fringe pieces on my thrift wish list rather than run out and purchase something simply to be on par with fashion trends.  I definitely had to wait several months before I found something that caught my eye.  But, we all know, good things comes to those who wait — such as this gorgeous black and white fringe dress.

Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva I picked up this fringe dress from My Sister’s Closet, a consignment store here in San Diego.  You know how much I love this place as I have always scored some great pieces such as this and this.  Taking a friend to check their inventory, I walked into the store and this dress was neatly set aside in the Trending section of the store.  Yes, they do the work for you by pulling pieces that are currently trending and organizing it nicely for their customers.  Of course, I immediately pulled it into my cart, not even worrying about size at that moment.

Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva Honestly, I am not sure why this fringe dress it hadn’t been snatched up the moment it made it on the floor.  But, I am certainly glad that I got it.  I loved the fringe details on this dress and most of all, I love the awesome price of $19.  Nothing makes me feel better than an awesome fashion item at a great price.

Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva I paired this dress with these thrifted black and animal print Guess open toe heels.  You may remember seeing these heels here before.

Fringe Dress - Thrifting Diva Have you added a fringe piece to your closet for the fall season yet?  What do you think about thrifting the trends?