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Fur Heels + Fashion Comfort Zone

Posted in ootd
on May 15, 2017

Fur Heels out of Fashion Comfort Zone -
We like what we like and end up buying and wearing variations of the same things year after year.   I am a firm believer in the rule, that one should always know what looks good on them.  However, expanding your fashion comfort zone goes hand in hand with that rule. You won’t know if new things do in fact look great on you.  Furthermore, let’s be real, fashion styles can become boring if you never trying anything new.  I went out of my comfort zone when I purchased these blush pink, faux suede block heels featuring the fuzzy faux fur from AgaciContinue reading

Chic Flats

Posted in ootd
on March 3, 2016

I have many days when wearing heels is simply not an option and having flats as a cute alternative is superb for me.  I strive to look amazing every time I step out, but wearing heels cannot be my only option when putting together an outfit.  Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re rocking a comfortable pair of flats. Continue reading

Distressed Denim

Posted in ootd
on February 8, 2016

This post centers around these distressed skinny denim jeans.  Once deemed decidedly inappropriate for most occasions, it seems distressed denim has experienced an unexpected shift, turning it into a testament of effortless style.  While distressed denim boasts a super casual feel, it’s important to remember that a polished look should always be the end result.  In fact, when styled correctly, destroyed denim looks seriously street-chic, effortless and just plain cool.
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva The key to pulling off the distressed denim look is making sure that the other elements of the outfit are carefully selected so that you have that “cool look,” rather than the I’m a “hot mess” look.  I found these distressed denim jeans at Ross Dress for Less.  I was very excited when I saw these, because the distressing in the jeans was exactly what I wanted.  I know, they are literally just ripped up jeans, but there is just something about these jeans that made me buy them.  It could also be the clearance price of $11.50 that made my decision to buy them even more easily.
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva I decided to rock my faux fur vest with this outfit.  You may remember seeing it here, styled completely differently.  I thrifted this faux fur vest last year from Salvation Army for $6, and it’s been a great clothing item to style here in Southern California, where the winters shouldn’t really be considered winter!
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva As I wanted a neutral chic look, I styled it with this cream H&M chiffon blouse that was thrifted from a local Goodwill for $4.99.  I especially loved the sleeve and collar detail.  Of course, the fact that this shirt retailed for $49, yet I purchased it for $4.99, is a sweet score.
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva January_Ayana_20 To complete this look, I opted for these open toe tan booties.  Once again, winters in Southern California allow you to wear open toe anything without looking crazy or having your toes freeze over.  These Audrey Brooke booties are simply amazingly comfortable, chic, and goes with everything.  I purchased these booties from DSW in the clearance section for only $14.00, reduced down from $99.  I was very excited about the price, but what really won me over was how comfortable these booties are.  I am definitely a shoe lover, but I am not a girl who will purchase heels that are uncomfortable for the sake of cuteness.  Yes, not every shoe will be extremely comfortable, but these booties are certainly very easy on feet.
January_Ayana_25 My bag of choice for this outfit was this cute clutch which came from an estate sale.  It definitely looks vintage, but I honestly couldn’t tell you much more about it.  I paid .25cents for it.  The price and the uniqueness of the clutch made me buy it.  It polishes off the distressed denim outfit quite nicely, won’t you agree?
January_Ayana_18 Have you styled some distressed denims lately?  What are your ways of making these jeans look polished?

Wearing All Black

Posted in ootd
on December 8, 2015

Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva If you have been following me, you know that while wearing all black is not a new concept, it’s very new to me.  I simply love color and find it hard not to include some color in each outfit.   Honestly, I’ve just never been the person to wear much black — let alone all black.
Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Black clothing items are versatile & easy to style, and though it’s not my thing, I can certainly admit that an all black outfit here and there in my outfit arsenal is simply a must.  Since I preach about incorporating color in your wardrobe, I decided to follow my own advice and mix it up myself.
Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Here is a tip to rocking an all black outfit without looking boring.  Vary the fabrics and textures. Nothing looks more boring to me than an all-black outfit that is all cotton.  Here I styled a leather pencil skirt with a sheer blouse.  I got this black leather skirt from my thrift sister, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays during a clothing swap.  A free leather skirt is certainly a major score in my book.
Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva I thrifted the sheer blouse from Savers in Las Vegas for $6.25.  You have seen this blouse styled completely differently here.  I simply love the cuff details of this shirt.  It makes the shirt stand out, won’t you agree? Pairing the sheer shirt against the leather definitely avoided the bore factor in this all black outfit.
Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva I added these simply black heels to complete the outfit which I got from Ross Dress For Less for under $20.  Hands down, they are one of my go-to black heels, as you can see here.
Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Wearing All Black - Thrifting Diva Finally, just to add some dimension to this all black outfit, I added this absolutely gorgeous statement necklace from Miss Match boutique here in San Diego.

Have you styled an all black outfit lately?  What are your tips to pulling off the look?

Over the Knee Boots

Posted in ootd
on November 24, 2015

Print Dress & Over the Knee Boot - Thrifting Diva These over the knee boots are a fall staple for me here in San Diego.  But, first, can I tell you just how much I love San Diego’s “fall” weather.  We were apparently going through a cool spell when I decided to pull out these awesome over the knee boots.  However, “cool” here, just meant a high of 70 degrees for the entire day.  But, since it was a little cooler than the warmer days before, I was ready to rock my favorite over the knee boots.
Print Dress and Over the Knee Boots - Thrifting Diva Print Dress and Over the Knee Boots - Thrifting Diva   I bought these over the knee boots last year, and they are still holding me down like they did here and here.  Purchased from Zappos for $79.99, these Chinese Laundry over the knee boots are super comfortable, sexy, cute and easily worn with so many outfits.
Print Dress and Over the Knee Boots - Thrifting Diva Print Dress and Over the Knee Boots - Thrifting Diva I styled these over the knee boots with this gorgeous print dress.  I found this dress from Ross Dress For Less for $12.99.  I was immediately drawn in by the bright and beautiful colors, and the print on this dress.  The cut outs in the sleeves, and the back are very stylish and adds some flare to this dress.
Print Dress and Over the Knee Boots - Thrifting Diva Print Dress and Over the Knee Boots - Thrifting Diva When I tried on this dress, I was not completely impressed with the way it looked on me.  However, I was so drawn to the colors and the print, I was determined to figure out a way to make it work for me.  A slim belt was the answer to saving this dress.  Wearing any kind of belt can be challenging, especially when you’re shy about drawing attention to your waistline.  But, belts are useful accessories that can add a whole new dimension to your outfit.  They can add extra polish to an outfit, define the waistline as needed, provide textural interest and even add a bit of edge.  In this case, the belt definitely defined my waistline and made the dress look a thousand times better worn as such.
DSC_5125 DSC_5127 I wore this super cute thrifted mini purse with this outfit.  I found this genuine leather purse at the Salvation Army here in San Diego for $1.50.  The lion head buckle caught my eye at first, and then when I realized it was genuine leather, I knew that it was going home with me.  Here is a thrift tip for you.  Don’t forget to check out the purse bins in the thrift stores.  You simply never know what treasures you will find in those bins.
DSC_5082 Finally, completing this outfit are some sunnies that were gifted to me and these gorgeous earrings that I purchased for $4 on clearance from Francescas.