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Frayed Hem + Thrifted DIY

Posted in ootd
on March 30, 2017

DIY Frayed Hem - Thrifting Divay I absolutely love these skinny jeans with the raw hem.  Would you believe it was an easy, thrifty DIY project? Denim trends come and go so quickly that it’s tiring and expensive to keep, but if there’s one type of jean that’s become a modern classic, it’s the artfully destroyed pair. With a hole at the knee or a frayed hem, these are now must have closet staples for the chic fashionista. Continue reading

Polka Dots + Polka Dots

Posted in ootd
on March 22, 2017

Thrifting Diva - Polka Dots Polka dots are certainly a retro style, but like all great retro styles, they all come back around for us to enjoy!  Fortunately with so many options available for spring, you are guaranteed to find a piece that fits your personal style, especially at your local thrift and consignment stores.  Continue reading

Wearing Sequins for a holiday party

Posted in ootd
on December 18, 2015

Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva I am all about the full skirt look for the holiday parties this season.  As you can see in my last post, a full tulle skirt made a fab appearance at my job’s holiday party.  This time, I am featuring this black full skirt and gorgeous sequin top for another holiday party I recently attended.
Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva You already know my absolute love for full skirts, as you have seen them make an appearance more times than you can count, like here, here and here.   So, why not add a full skirt to the holiday party mix, right?  I bought this black full skirt from SheIn for less than $20.  As I have said before, purchasing items from this store can be a hit or miss, as their sizes sometimes leave me wondering if they are sizing their clothes for a twelve year old girl or a woman.  But, thankfully, these full skirts have always been on point, look gorgeous, fit perfectly and priced just right.
Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva Tis the season for some sequins isn’t it!  I opted for this beautiful sequin shirt that I thrifted from the Goodwill here in San Diego for $11.00.  It’s actually sized as an XL shirt, but tucked neatly into the full skirt, you would never know.  Thrifting tip – don’t always leave behind items that may not be your size in the thrift store.  A little alteration, or creative styling can save some pieces that you love.  As I have a serious love for sequins, it’s simply very hard for me to walk away from any sequin pieces, no matter the size.
Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva I rounded out this holiday outfit with these super cute BCBG metallic silver pumps that I got from DSW for a steal of $11.  These heels have also made an appearance on the blog here before.  A great way of maximizing your wardrobe is to have pieces that can be worn with various outfits.  These silver pumps have certainly been versatile, and no better outfit for it be worn than one with silver sequins.
Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva Add a little bling to this outfit and I was holiday party ready.  A very simply outfit, but perfect to make an appearance at any holiday function this season.
Sequins and Full Skirt - Thrifting Diva What have been your favorite go-to looks for this holiday season?