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Chic Flats

Posted in ootd
on March 3, 2016

I have many days when wearing heels is simply not an option and having flats as a cute alternative is superb for me.  I strive to look amazing every time I step out, but wearing heels cannot be my only option when putting together an outfit.  Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re rocking a comfortable pair of flats. Continue reading

Thrift Tip: Try On Everything

Posted in ootd
on February 17, 2016

I’m not going to brag, but I know a thing or two about thrifting, and how to do it, right!  Here is one major thrift tip for you.  Try on everything that catches your eye.  Yes,  I know that sounds a little too serious.  However, I have learned my lesson time and time again to prove this point.  The one thing you must remember, is that when you are out thrifting, you could be in a thrift store or consignment shop which will have different kinds of designers and brands.  This is important to remember because one brand’s size 10 is another brand’s size 8.
Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva To add another level of frustration, some brands purposefully use vanity sizes.  Vanity sizing is a ploy in which designers flatter women by making clothes bigger so they think they are buying a smaller size.  The silliness of this ploy is a whole new different blog post for another time.  For now, though, you simply have to arm yourself with this knowledge when you thrift.  Thus, it is the reason I say that you must try on everything that catches your eye, without focusing too much on that little size tag.
Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva A perfect example of a gorgeous piece that would have been left behind had I not followed this thrift tip myself.  I found this beautiful blue Trina Turk dress at My Sister’s Closet, a consignment shop here in San Diego.  This cobalt blue color grabbed my eye, as I know this blue looks electric on me.  You have to know those colors that simply pop on you.  It makes thrifting a lot easier as you are able to grab items off the rack rather quickly.  Once I pulled this Trina Turk dress, I immediately fell in love with the design.  Isn’t the one-shoulder detail absolutely regal.  I then check out the price, and my heart literally skipped a beat.  This beautiful Trina Turk dress was only $21.   If you know your designers, like I have blogged about before here, then you know that this dress would have retailed for over $200.
Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva The last thing to check was the size, and that is when I was seriously confused.  It said size 2.  Let me be clear.  I am not a size 2.  I haven’t been a size 2 since high school, and normally I won’t even play myself and hurt my own feelings by trying on a piece which claims it’s a size 2.  But, I have been fooled too many times in a thrift and consignment stores when it comes to these brands and their “different” sizing.  I decided to put it in the basket anyway, and tried it on.  A perfect fit.  A perfect dress.  The perfect price.   If you haven’t begun thrifting yet, I am not sure what else to tell you to convince you this is the way to go when it comes to shopping.
Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva I decided to go with a bright color heels when I wore this dress.  The great thing about living in San Diego is the beautiful spring/summer like temperatures year round.  So, in the middle of February, I was able to rock this outfit without any fear of the “freeze.”  These Nina floral print heels were acquired from DSW in their clearance section.  I honestly don’t know if I have ever bought anything from DSW that wasn’t in their clearance section.  I got these beautiful floral print heels for $11.00.  That is why I shop their clearance section.
Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva I completed the outfit with a silver clutch from Charming Charlie.  They also have some amazing reductions when they put items on sale.  This clutch was only $4.99, after being reduced from $29.
Thrift Tip- Try On Everything - Thrifting Diva There you have it.  I believe I have proven my point that you simply must try on everything or you run the risk of losing out on some very beautiful pieces.

Photography by Pixelcreek Photography

Distressed Denim

Posted in ootd
on February 8, 2016

This post centers around these distressed skinny denim jeans.  Once deemed decidedly inappropriate for most occasions, it seems distressed denim has experienced an unexpected shift, turning it into a testament of effortless style.  While distressed denim boasts a super casual feel, it’s important to remember that a polished look should always be the end result.  In fact, when styled correctly, destroyed denim looks seriously street-chic, effortless and just plain cool.
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva The key to pulling off the distressed denim look is making sure that the other elements of the outfit are carefully selected so that you have that “cool look,” rather than the I’m a “hot mess” look.  I found these distressed denim jeans at Ross Dress for Less.  I was very excited when I saw these, because the distressing in the jeans was exactly what I wanted.  I know, they are literally just ripped up jeans, but there is just something about these jeans that made me buy them.  It could also be the clearance price of $11.50 that made my decision to buy them even more easily.
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva I decided to rock my faux fur vest with this outfit.  You may remember seeing it here, styled completely differently.  I thrifted this faux fur vest last year from Salvation Army for $6, and it’s been a great clothing item to style here in Southern California, where the winters shouldn’t really be considered winter!
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva As I wanted a neutral chic look, I styled it with this cream H&M chiffon blouse that was thrifted from a local Goodwill for $4.99.  I especially loved the sleeve and collar detail.  Of course, the fact that this shirt retailed for $49, yet I purchased it for $4.99, is a sweet score.
Distressed Denims - Thrifting Diva January_Ayana_20 To complete this look, I opted for these open toe tan booties.  Once again, winters in Southern California allow you to wear open toe anything without looking crazy or having your toes freeze over.  These Audrey Brooke booties are simply amazingly comfortable, chic, and goes with everything.  I purchased these booties from DSW in the clearance section for only $14.00, reduced down from $99.  I was very excited about the price, but what really won me over was how comfortable these booties are.  I am definitely a shoe lover, but I am not a girl who will purchase heels that are uncomfortable for the sake of cuteness.  Yes, not every shoe will be extremely comfortable, but these booties are certainly very easy on feet.
January_Ayana_25 My bag of choice for this outfit was this cute clutch which came from an estate sale.  It definitely looks vintage, but I honestly couldn’t tell you much more about it.  I paid .25cents for it.  The price and the uniqueness of the clutch made me buy it.  It polishes off the distressed denim outfit quite nicely, won’t you agree?
January_Ayana_18 Have you styled some distressed denims lately?  What are your ways of making these jeans look polished?

How to style a sleeveless jacket

Posted in ootd
on January 26, 2016
I can’t say that I was a huge fan of sleeveless jackets.  Frankly, I thought they were a little weird.  They are not jackets, not a blazer, not a coat, and has no sleeves.  Styling them simply intimidated me just a little, so I pretty much stayed away from them.  But, when I saw this beautiful sleeveless jacket on a huge clearance sale at Bebe, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it.  I can’t be afraid of a little sleeveless jacket/coat/vest.  Fashion to me is about trying new trends, thinking out of the box, and sometimes stepping outside of the comfort zone.
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva I purchased this winter white vest from Bebe on a ridiculous clearance sale they had in the store.  The vest originally retailed for $169.  But, if you have been following me for a while, you simply know that I don’t pay full  price for anything.  I walked away with this piece for $32.  Yes, that is not a typo, it’s a SCORE!
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva
After doing some “Pinterest” research, I realized that these sleeveless jackets are actually more versatile than I first thought.  You can pair these sleeveless jackets with dresses, long sleeve tops, sleeveless shirts or even with pants.  I actually do love how it looks when layered with other pieces, tying everything together.   Here, I paired it with this thrifted geometric print sleeveless shirt from the Salvation Army in San Diego that I picked up a few years ago for $2.50.  Yes, only in San Diego can you get away with wearing a sleeveless outfit in the middle of January.  I love this weather, and will surely miss it when I have to move.
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Keeping to the black and white theme, I went with these black textured skinny jeans.  You have seen these jeans before here on the blog. They are Seven jeans that I thrifted these jeans from Buffalo Exchange for $10, which is a steal, as you may know that Seven jeans can cost over $150 a pair.
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva I think I might have said this before, but it’s worth repeating.  The absolute best clearance sales for retail stores are right after Christmas.  You also tend to find a lot of different things at the store that are not normally stocked because people do a lot of returns at their nearest stores.  These beautiful leather booties by Marc Fisher normally retails at $129 at Macy’s.  However, during my own returning of items, I saw this lonely booties sitting on the clearance rack.  Only one pair, and in my size!  These booties are incredibly comfortable, the leather is extremely soft, and the booties are beautiful!  The price point is simply the perfect icing on the top!
I went with this Steve Madden cross body bag that I purchased at DSW for $8.99 in the clearance bin, but was originally $30.  Don’t you just simply love a great clearance bin?
January_Ayana_9 Finally, I completed the outfit with some gold accessories and a statement necklace from Forever 21 that I received as a gift from my sister for Christmas.  She definitely knows my style!  This necklace has been worn so many times already.  Not too big, not too small.  It goes well with everything.
January_Ayana_1 Have you styled a sleeveless jacket/vest/coat lately?  How did you style yours?