Shop Your Closet

I have been on a shopping freeze lately, so all my outfits have consisted of items I already own in my closet.  It goes without saying that when it comes to fashion, I believe that we don’t have to spend our entire paychecks to look great.  Hence the reason I shop second hand, thrift, consignment, […]

How to style a sleeveless jacket

I can’t say that I was a huge fan of sleeveless jackets.  Frankly, I thought they were a little weird.  They are not jackets, not a blazer, not a coat, and has no sleeves.  Styling them simply intimidated me just a little, so I pretty much stayed away from them.  But, when I saw this […]

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva

Thrifted Floral Pants

These thrifted floral pants are one of my favorite acquisitions when it comes to pants.  I picked up these H&M floral pants from Buffalo Exchange in San Diego for only $11. I love that the floral pattern is not all over the entire pants but only climbs up on the sides.  For some, floral prints, […]

the perfect jumpsuit!

Yes, it’s late September and I can still rock this beautiful multi-colored jumpsuit in sunny (actually, more like really hot these days) San Diego.  But, as a true Caribbean girl, this heat is heaven for me.  Besides, it allows me to extend my summer wardrobe for months, which brings me to this perfect jumpsuit. I […]