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Dress Over Pants + Fashion Trend

Posted in ootd
on April 13, 2017

Dress Over Pants - Thrifting Diva
I’ve always loved the idea of the trend of layering a dress over pants, but worried that it would look awkward, or too hard to pull off.  However, when it comes to fashion, trying new trends is a must!  It’s the perfect way of having a little fun with fashion.  Some trends you test out and you you hate, and some trends, you simply fall in love.  For me, the dress over pants combo is amazing! Continue reading

Shop Your Closet

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on February 1, 2016

I have been on a shopping freeze lately, so all my outfits have consisted of items I already own in my closet.  It goes without saying that when it comes to fashion, I believe that we don’t have to spend our entire paychecks to look great.  Hence the reason I shop second hand, thrift, consignment, estate sales, yard sales and clearance racks of my favorite retail stores.  This shopping practice allows me to save money without sacrificing the basic requirement of looking and feeling great in anything I wear.
Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva However, don’t overlook shopping your own closet as one essential way of saving money but still being able to step out looking brand new each time.  Shopping your closet allows you to revamp your look.  One thing I try to teach my clients that I style that when they are looking at their clothes to style an outfit, always try to wear their items differently each time.  This visual refresh keeps you from believing that you need new items each time you put an outfit together.
Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva I purchased this beautiful mod green dress a year ago from Buffalo Exchange, a consignment store here in San Diego, for $13.  It’s such a classic look, rich color, fits perfectly, and the price point was amazing for the quality of the piece.  The tags were removed, so I have no clue who the designer was.  However, if you follow me here on this blog, you know it’s not always about the labels, but rather the entire polished look in the end.
Shop Your Closet -Thrifting Diva A year ago, I wore this green dress entirely differently.  Check out the blog post here about the details of that outfit.  As I shopped my closet, I found this green dress that hadn’t been worn in over six months and decided it was time for it be worn again.
Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva This time, I leveraged my accessories for this outfit.   You should know that scarves, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories are sometimes the key to turning ordinary clothing items into stunning outfits.  I got this clutch from Unique Afrik a few months ago.  Unique Afrik is an online store specializing in african print clothes and accessories, such as this beautiful bag.  I love vibrant colors and patterns and this purse is giving me everything.  Best of all, it can be worn with the straps as a handbag, tuck the straps in and wear it as a clutch, my personal favorite.
Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva I wanted to give this outfit a little bit of an edge, especially since the last time I wore this green dress I went for the more “demure” look.  Shopping my closet I pulled these lace up leather booties that I had previously purchased these Trouve booties from Nordstrom Rack on clearance for $21 during one of their huge clearance sale, last year.  They originally retailed for $109, so the savings were huge to me.  These booties are quite versatile, and have definitely made their appearance on the blog a couple of times, here and here.
Shop Your Closet - Thrifting Diva If you are truly serious about saving money and maintaining a stylish look, then shopping your closet should be something that is part of your toolbox for savings.   Reinventing pieces that are hidden in your closet is fun, economical and definitely forces you to take notice of everything in your closet.  Have you shopped your closet lately?


How to style a sleeveless jacket

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on January 26, 2016
I can’t say that I was a huge fan of sleeveless jackets.  Frankly, I thought they were a little weird.  They are not jackets, not a blazer, not a coat, and has no sleeves.  Styling them simply intimidated me just a little, so I pretty much stayed away from them.  But, when I saw this beautiful sleeveless jacket on a huge clearance sale at Bebe, I decided to take the plunge and purchase it.  I can’t be afraid of a little sleeveless jacket/coat/vest.  Fashion to me is about trying new trends, thinking out of the box, and sometimes stepping outside of the comfort zone.
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva I purchased this winter white vest from Bebe on a ridiculous clearance sale they had in the store.  The vest originally retailed for $169.  But, if you have been following me for a while, you simply know that I don’t pay full  price for anything.  I walked away with this piece for $32.  Yes, that is not a typo, it’s a SCORE!
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva
After doing some “Pinterest” research, I realized that these sleeveless jackets are actually more versatile than I first thought.  You can pair these sleeveless jackets with dresses, long sleeve tops, sleeveless shirts or even with pants.  I actually do love how it looks when layered with other pieces, tying everything together.   Here, I paired it with this thrifted geometric print sleeveless shirt from the Salvation Army in San Diego that I picked up a few years ago for $2.50.  Yes, only in San Diego can you get away with wearing a sleeveless outfit in the middle of January.  I love this weather, and will surely miss it when I have to move.
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Keeping to the black and white theme, I went with these black textured skinny jeans.  You have seen these jeans before here on the blog. They are Seven jeans that I thrifted these jeans from Buffalo Exchange for $10, which is a steal, as you may know that Seven jeans can cost over $150 a pair.
Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva Sleeveless Jacket - Thrifting Diva I think I might have said this before, but it’s worth repeating.  The absolute best clearance sales for retail stores are right after Christmas.  You also tend to find a lot of different things at the store that are not normally stocked because people do a lot of returns at their nearest stores.  These beautiful leather booties by Marc Fisher normally retails at $129 at Macy’s.  However, during my own returning of items, I saw this lonely booties sitting on the clearance rack.  Only one pair, and in my size!  These booties are incredibly comfortable, the leather is extremely soft, and the booties are beautiful!  The price point is simply the perfect icing on the top!
I went with this Steve Madden cross body bag that I purchased at DSW for $8.99 in the clearance bin, but was originally $30.  Don’t you just simply love a great clearance bin?
January_Ayana_9 Finally, I completed the outfit with some gold accessories and a statement necklace from Forever 21 that I received as a gift from my sister for Christmas.  She definitely knows my style!  This necklace has been worn so many times already.  Not too big, not too small.  It goes well with everything.
January_Ayana_1 Have you styled a sleeveless jacket/vest/coat lately?  How did you style yours?

Thrifted Floral Pants

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on October 5, 2015
Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva These thrifted floral pants are one of my favorite acquisitions when it comes to pants.  I picked up these H&M floral pants from Buffalo Exchange in San Diego for only $11.

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva I love that the floral pattern is not all over the entire pants but only climbs up on the sides.  For some, floral prints, especially on pants may seem a tad risky, but these  pants provides the perfect amount of compromise.

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva When it comes to styling your floral pants go for a solid colored blouse, letting your pretty prints do all the fashion work for you.  Here, I paired these floral pants with this olive colored lace blouse that was also thrifted from a Goodwill in San Diego for a mere $2.  The color is a perfect match to the olive colors in the floral pattern on the pants ensuring a beautifully blended look.

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva Topping off the look is always some killer shoes.  Here, I capitalized on the beautiful blue color in the floral pattern and went with these awesome Shoe Cult by Nasty Gal cobalt blue suede pumps.  These pumps retail at $68.  As you may already know, I did not pay close to that amount.  I bought them for $17 from Buffalo Exchange.  You know that feeling that occurs when you slip on a pair of shoes that fit you like a glove, and then, you look at the price!  Yes, that is the satisfaction of a great thrifting experience.

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva Last but not least in topping off this outfit is this awesome blue clutch.  I got this clutch from It’s A Wrap in Los Angeles.  It’s A Wrap offers the general public the opportunity to purchase actual wardrobe and props from movie and TV sets, for sale in 2 huge retail stores, on their website and in auction.  I visited the store a few months back with some other awesome thrifting divas and I walked away with some cool pieces at great prices.  One such piece, is this cute blue clutch for $8.

Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva Floral Pants - Thrifting Diva What are your thoughts on floral pants?  Tell me what are your tips when it comes to styling floral pants.

the perfect jumpsuit!

Posted in ootd
on September 29, 2015

IMG_2870 Yes, it’s late September and I can still rock this beautiful multi-colored jumpsuit in sunny (actually, more like really hot these days) San Diego.  But, as a true Caribbean girl, this heat is heaven for me.  Besides, it allows me to extend my summer wardrobe for months, which brings me to this perfect jumpsuit.

IMG_2881 I know a lot of women have told me that they don’t believe they can pull off jumpsuits.  To be honest, I do believe that not every jumpsuit fits every woman the same.  My constant style rule when it comes to jumpsuits is to try it on before purchasing.  But, you should definitely not throw out the idea of owning a couple because you have tried on a few that didn’t fit.  I love jumpsuits, as you can see here, and here and I am always on the hunt for another perfect jumpsuit.

IMG_2882 IMG_2873 I picked up this jumpsuit from Buffalo Exchange here in San Dieg and paid $11 for it as it was on their 50% off clearance rack.  Tip for you, which actually wasn’t so obvious to me when I first started shopping in resale stores. Consignment stores have sales as well!  Yes, their items are already marked down from the retail prices, but always ask a sales associate for the current sales or to point you in the direction of their clearance racks.

IMG_2884 IMG_2897 Besides the price for this jumpsuit, which is a steal in my opinion, what caught my eye is the beautiful colorful print.  I am a sucker for colors and this jumpsuit makes a point with the bright colors.  As if I wasn’t already sold on the price, the print and the colors, throw in the fact that it has a sexy open back!  Yes, this was probably the quickest decision to purchase this perfect jumpsuit – after I had tried it on.

IMG_2889 As this was a rather long and wide legged jumpsuit, I paired it with these Fergie wedges that I got on sale from, for $39.  I hate having my clothes drag on the floor, it’s just not my thing and these wedges provided the perfect height for this jumpsuit.  It was also the perfect color to pair with the jumpsuit as the yellows in the jumpsuit are minimal, so the wedges was able to pop on its own.

IMG_2890 Finally, I went with this awesome over-sized envelope clutch.  This is not the first or second time this clutch has made an appearance on the blog.  Check out how I used it here and here.  I love the vibrant color and since I was about color in this outfit, why not add this perfect pink color to the mix.

IMG_2891 Have you found the perfect jumpsuit? What makes it the perfect jumpsuit for you?