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thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting DivaLight sweaters are definitely a must in the evenings now in San Diego.

thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting Diva thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting DivaThis is really a very simple outfit but I love it.  It’s comfortable, chic and INEXPENSIVE.  Allow me to break it down for you.  These skinny jeans were thrifted for $4.00 at AMVETS.   They are definitely a little washed out, but that’s because they are definitely a go-to for me, during the colder days.  I’m on the hunt for another pair to replace them.

thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting Diva thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting DivaThe cowl neck sweater was an awesome fashion finds at my recently hosted Fashion Exchange aka Swap Party.  Thus, the best price is FREE!  I absolutely love the shoulder and arm details.  It’s the wow factor for the sweater.

thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting Diva thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting Diva thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting Diva OK, can we talk about these shoes!  I swiped these shoes on my San Diego Thrifting Bus Tour this weekend at Buffalo Exchange for $22.  I absolutely LOVE how different these shoes are.  The number #1 reason I thrift is I know that I can always find unique pieces that everyone certainly won’t be wearing when I step out.  These shoes definitely fit that bill.  I mean, check out the ice cream cone heels!  Amazing!  These were so unique I definitely had to do some research.  They are Jeffrey Campbell and you can buy a brand new pair for $119.  I will stick with my thrifty price of $22.  I know these are funky, but what do you guys think?

thrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting Divathrifted sweater & skinnies with thrifted FAB heels - Thrifting DivaFinishing up this look are my thrifted accessories.  I purchased these sterling silver stacked chain from Goodwill for $6.25.  The Steve Madden clutch was also purchased at a different Goodwill for $2.50.  There you have it, a head to toe thrifted outfit for $34.75.  Have I convinced you to thrift yet?

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  1. Those shoes tho?! HOT! You look great. Great styling, my friend!


  2. You look so so cute! Wish I didn’t look totally washed out in grey!

  3. The ruffles on those SHOEEEES. They’re so stylin’, I love them on you.

  4. You already know how I feel about those shoes! Yes, I will take them at the next swap party! They just SLAY this outfit! Love how you styled them with that grey sweater (the shoulder details are everything!). I also think they would look amazing with a pencil skirt! You scored in a major way with those pumps! Get it!


  5. I love it! Those shoes are definitely funky 🙂 But, the good kind of funky. They look quite normal from a distance, but then the ice cream cone heel adds that little spark of special.

  6. YOU are a STUNNER! SERIOUSLY – A STUNNER!!! You look phenomenal! I could never pull off such a sweater, but you’re rocking that sexy thing with confidence! 🙂

  7. I love your sweater AND those shoes! You are too cute!

  8. Great outfit. Love the sweater and the shoes 🙂

  9. Cute outfit. I’m really looking forward to wearing lots of cosy sweaters and jumpers this fall.

  10. Those Jeans fit great! when I first came to your page I thought! WOW look at those jeans! YOu def have convinced me to maybe exercise a bit more patience in the jean department in thrift stores!

  11. You are always such a babe, seriously! I love this outfit on every level.

  12. Thanks for linking up this week! I like this outfit and am impressed you found such great fitting jeans while thrifting. I know they’re out there, I just don’t have the patience to try on all the pairs to find the right one for me. But it’s on my ‘to do” list. 🙂

  13. I LOVE this color on you, and those heels have so many beautiful details, wow!

  14. This whole outfit is awesome and I swear each time I find out what you spent my mouth is wide open!

  15. I love finding designer goodies while thrifting.I love the shoes. Yes, J.C designs are a bit funky but they’re pretty cool! 🙂

  16. One of my favs of your outfits!

  17. Those shoes!!!! This whole outfit is absolutely amazing. Gorgeous!

  18. You scored with the pumps! Super cute.

  19. I want to sneak into your closet and nab those shoes, they are to die for!

  20. Wait, these shoes. They’re actually the most beautiful shoes omg! I love this outfit!

  21. Perfect look and amazing shoes!!!
    I love your shoes !!!
    Thank you for follow me

  22. Very good example of how accessories make an outfit. Love those shoes!

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