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How To Be Stylish Wearing Summer Espadrilles

How To Wear Espadrilles with High Low Dress - Thrifting Diva

No other pair of shoes screams summer vibes than espadrilles.  If you are looking for the shoes which incorporates style and comfort, then I recommend you find a pair of espadrilles wedges.  This footwear is ideal for long walks during hot summer days no matter what is your destination.  As a Caribbean native, espadrilles always evokes thoughts of warm days on the beach in Trinidad for me.

Just like any fashionable woman, I love a great pair of heels.  However, I too need a break from heels, and truth be told, not every outfit calls for stilettos.  Espadrille wedges are a comfortable and fashionable alternative to high heels.   Espadrille wedges can be worn with a number of different outfits, and with almost anything – from jeans to mini skirts, maxi dresses to shorts. But choosing the right wedge sandals to go with the outfit is crucial as it can make or break your look.

Espadrilles are also the perfect shoes for when you want to bring heels on your next getaway but need something that will be reasonable to move around in.  If you’re planning a trip soon, a nice pair of espadrille wedges can be your secret weapon.

I found these Kelly & Katie Hannah wedges from DSW for $39.99 and they are currently on sale in different prints.  However, it appears that they are sold out in white.  This closed toe lace up espadrille is the 2017 gladiator sandal!  Like the gladiator, these espadrilles are great in giving the illusion of height due to the lace up.  The key to styling these shoes is to pair them with simple outfits, keeping your look relaxed and effortlessly cool.

I styled my espadrilles with this high low dress that I thrifted from AMVETS thrift store in San Diego for $5.   I am not even sure if high low dresses are still trendy, but what I wear is not always determined by what is in trend.  Rather, I wear what I wear because I know it looks good on me, and makes me feel great.  This dress meets that standard.  I love the geometric print, the colors and the material, and of course,  the price.  Can you really beat the price of $5 for a great summer dress!

Finally, I added a skinny belt to cinch the waist and give my waist some definition since this dress was a tad too big for me.  If you have a dress that is a little too big or has extra fabric in weird places, consider putting on a belt.  Make sure that the belt sits at your natural waist to pull off a clean and effortless look.   I threw on a this blush pink purse that I picked up from TJ Maxx for $9.99 to complete the outfit.

Hope I have inspired you to style some espadrilles in the near future.



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  1. Love this look on you and those shooze. . .

  2. I like espadrilles and wear them as much as I can in the summer. I love the look of them!

  3. I haven’t seen shoes like these before! Love how you’ve teamed them up with the dress – a great look!

  4. I haven’t worn espadrilles in ages! I find I’m more unstable in them than a stiletto. I love your look, your dress is stunning!

  5. I can’t believe you got that dress for $5! It looks great on you. What a steal! Fabulous shoes too!

  6. You look so stunning! I love the vibrant print! This is an outfit that you must wear again and again!

  7. Those shoes are super cute! I love the ties! They look like a hybrid of an espadrille and a ballet toe shoe!

  8. I love the way yours look on your feet. I got a pair but they aren’t as cool as yours!

  9. Espadrilles are amazing and I just love how they look with maxi dresses! I love the wedges too. These are great tips and they’re perfect for the summer!

  10. I couldn’t agree more with the shoes. “not every outfit calls for stilettos” and these shoes are about as close to stilettos as I’d get.

  11. Espadrilles are a great alternative to heels. They still give me the height I want but are much more comfortable and perfect for more causal summer outfits.

  12. You look so stunning! Everything meshes well together. So chic! Believe it or not I actually have a similar espadrille shoe and I love it so much!

  13. I love espadrilles! I remember when they were in fashion years and years ago…I was too young to wear them but my sisters both had them.

  14. I absolutely love an espadrille shoe! They really do scream “Summer is Here!” I just bought a denim pair from Target about a month ago. I will be wearing my pair into the fall also, since they are closed toe 🙂

  15. SO gorgeous!! I am obsessed with this dress! The print is perfect!

  16. I love these pics! And those shoes ROCK!

  17. I love this whole look. Especially the dress. So gorgeous and flowy. I wish I could pull off those shoes they are absolutely incredible, I may break my neck tho!

  18. This is such a great outfit! I’ve never owned any, but espradrilles look so versatile, especially as wedges. Perfect for the summer.

  19. These shoes are absolutely adorable! I wish that I could rock a pair and not be scared of breaking my neck 😉

  20. These are so cute! I totally meant to buy a pair of espadrilles at the beginning of the season and never got them. Now I’m afraid it’s too late as fall will sneak up on us any week now. Great outfit!

  21. Very beautiful shoes. Are they as comfortable as they look?

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