Dress Over Pants + Fashion Trend

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on April 13, 2017

Dress Over Pants - Thrifting Diva
I’ve always loved the idea of the trend of layering a dress over pants, but worried that it would look awkward, or too hard to pull off.  However, when it comes to fashion, trying new trends is a must!  It’s the perfect way of having a little fun with fashion.  Some trends you test out and you you hate, and some trends, you simply fall in love.  For me, the dress over pants combo is amazing! Continue reading

Maxi Dress + Vacation

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on April 10, 2017

Maxi Dress - Thrifting Diva
Summer is on the horizon, which means vacation time.  When I think of easy packing for vacation, I think maxi dresses.   The family and I took a Caribbean cruise a couple of months ago, and procrastinating when it came to packing, I defaulted to pulling mostly maxi dresses for the trip.  If you are not already a fan of maxi dresses for vacations, then I hope to convince you.  No matter what your body type, the maxi style is flattering on everyone, and even more a must have for vacation. Continue reading

Frayed Hem + Thrifted DIY

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on March 30, 2017

DIY Frayed Hem - Thrifting Divay I absolutely love these skinny jeans with the raw hem.  Would you believe it was an easy, thrifty DIY project? Denim trends come and go so quickly that it’s tiring and expensive to keep, but if there’s one type of jean that’s become a modern classic, it’s the artfully destroyed pair. With a hole at the knee or a frayed hem, these are now must have closet staples for the chic fashionista. Continue reading