This sun is no joke here in San Diego this week!  I thought I got away from 100 degrees weather when  I left NYC.  However, it would appear that the heat is following me.  Of course, everyone is saying that “it’s never this HOT here in May.”  But, since I have bragged to all my East Coast friends about the gorgeous weather, Mother Nature has decided to make me a liar.  However, I will take the heat over the cold any day because this weather calls for even more awesome outfits.  In my mini thrift haul video I scored this beautiful, colorful and flirty dress from a new thrift store in San Diego called Good Hope Thrift for $9.95 with a 75% discount.   Paired with some summer orange heels, clutch and accessories, this was a super quick and cute thrifted outfit of the day.

Plug Alert by the way — if you haven’t already signed up for the June 21st San Diego Thrifting Bus Tour, there is really no reason to continue waiting.  Buy your tickets at, sooner rather than later.  Only a few tickets left!  I cannot wait for that event by the way.  A full day of thrifting with other ladies.. HEAVEN!


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