Monday , January 25 2021

floral top + thrifting rules

DSC_5289 Let’s discuss a couple fundamental rules to thrift shopping today!  I found this GORGEOUS, floral colored top at one of my favorite thrift stores in Alexandria, VA, called Thrift Store Center.  Of course they don’t have a website, but they are on yelp – go figure!

Anyways, besides the styling of this top in this post, I wanted to discuss where to find cute things in a thrift store. The answer, EVERYWHERE. Do not believe that you will find all of your awesome scores in the ladies’ section of the store.  That would be too easy and we all know it won’t really be thrifting if it was that easy.  On a good thrift day, where I have at least an hour to myself for browsing, I will cover the entire store — women’s section, children’s section, men’s section and the knick knacks section (yup, I have found shoes stashed in the knick knacks).
DSC_5277 DSC_5278 I found this beauty in the men’s section.  More likely than not, someone else just hung it in the wrong section – happens ALL the time in thrift stores.  But, while diligently combing through the racks, I spotted it hanging out there waiting for some rescuing, and rescue, I did.
Another thrifting rule to follow, don’t stress about the sizes on the clothes label.  Once I spotted my find, I checked out the designer and the size — Schrader Petite 10.  I am not petite in the least, but that did not stop me.  I tried it one, and of course, as you can see my arms are longer than the shirt.   No stress at all for me.  I am ok with a little skin showing.  Besides, it just appears as a 3/4 sleeve shirt.  I also did some research on the designer Schrader and this will definitely fall into the 80s vintage category (if 80s is vintage in your book).  DSC_5268 DSC_5295 DSC_5310 And while we are talking color, why not add these super cute thrifted Jessica Simpson purple heels!  These made a special entrance in my very first blog post here at  I thrifted these peep toe heels from a San Diego Goodwill for $6.99. Also check out the purple faux snake skin clutch which I thrifted for $3.00 at the Salvation Army in San Diego. DSC_5332 Completing this look are these lace shorts from Franchesca’s.  I love the detailing, the length, color and best of all, the PRICE.  I picked these up for a mere $14.00 on clearance.  I’ll take that – please and thank you!

So, lessons for the day here.  Check out ALL areas of the thrift store and try on everything you LOVE!

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  1. All great finds! The same really goes for flea markets where a lot of times stuff is just left inside big boxes. I have pulled some nice things out of “Everything 1$” boxes where the upper layer looked like nothing special.

    Thrifting also really allows me to experiment, because I will buy things I wouldn’t maybe otherwise at the full price tag.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  2. Great outfit! Your top is so summer appropriate~

  3. So true which is why you have to go with a lot of time, if you are in a rush you won’t find all those stashed goodies throughout the store. I love the purple peep-toe pumps especially with your yellow tooties!

  4. Hey Ayana! Great tips! I would have never thought to shop the men and kids sections! That top looks amazing on you…such vibrant colors! And the heels match perfectly!


  5. Love how you’ve styled this look up – the clutch and shoes make it. Can’t believe you managed to pull the same colour from the top to match!


    Katie <3

  6. I learned something new today because I never venture over to these sections as I have no need and usually I’m running out of time. But, I will certainly do a walk through going forward to check for any misplaced items. Thanks Ayana for the tip!

  7. What?? I can’t believe you got those at a thrift store! They look so good. I’m always too lazy to search through racks but I really need to do it more!

    • Brita,
      Hahaha, the search is the BEST part of thrifting for me.

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  8. Gahh you are so beautiful. This outfit is so cute on you, too.

  9. Love the shorts! The lace details are so cute!

  10. That floral top is so pretty! I love how you paired it with the purple heels!

  11. I am horrible at thrifting. I need a thrifting buddy! I heart your shoes and clutch – I love purple! You totally rock that shirt, it’s so fun. It’s awesome that my stuff from childhood is now vintage. If only I’d kept it all 😉

    • Rochelle,
      Thank you! Yes, if you are not great at thrifting, having a thrifting buddy would be AWESOME! Don’t give up on it, try it with someone else. Hahaha about your childhood vintage things. Isn’t it crazy! Fashion is one big circle, all the time.

  12. this is such a cute top, shame they don’t have a website, I would love to see what else they sell

  13. I love the colour of this top really cute and you look fab in the whole outfit

  14. Love the floral print on this tops and the shoes that you paired it with.

  15. Love the top! SO pretty! I have never thrift ed before, because I’m super intimidated. My friends swear by it so I need to just dive in I’m sure!

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love that thrift store! It is my absolute favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe we shop at the same store! CRAZY!

    Thanks for linking up again!!!

    Hugs! Amber

  17. LOVE the outfit! The shorts are SO cute!!!

  18. Your floral top and especially those white lace shorts (I want a pair) are stunning. Great rules and tips. I always envy people who are awesome at thrifting like you. =)

  19. Love that top. It just looks like spring!

    • Cam,
      Thank you! Yes, it definitely makes you think spring/summer huh.

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  20. I love that you paired the floral top with the lace shorts!!!

  21. I love this outfit on you it looks amazing, love that it’s thrifted 🙂

    • Sarah,
      Thank you! Yes, a great thrift for me makes the outfit even better since I know I did not pay a fortune for it.

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    • Lol! Sister S thinks she is gonna work on her butt rut on the couch but I have other plans for the little lady!!! She has one volunteer gig lined up but I’m gonna request she does more than that!!!

    • Oj, oj, oj sÃ¥ fint. Du har verkligen den rätta känslan och det ser sÃ¥ städat och fint ut i ditt skÃ¥p!!(INTE rörigt alltsÃ¥)!!!Kram Anna frÃ¥n Lund

    • My pleasure! Thanks for hosting such a fun event :D…and because it bears repeating: Kristen for the WIN! You're awesome and so slick in the kitchen! You make cooking seem effortless! 😀

  22. This turquoise on your shirt fits you so well, you look gorgeous and happy 🙂

  23. This is such a cute outfit! Love the shoes and the blouse a lot.

  24. Whenever I run out of color combinations to wear, I run to your blog, Ayana! Your color choices and combinations are so inspiring. I love that you close purple as your central color this time because it´s my fave color too. 🙂

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