faux fur vest + thrift sisters link up

fur vest thrift inkupIt’s the first Thrift Sisters Link Up of the year!  Yes, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays and I, took a little mini holiday break, but we are back and very excited about showing off some awesome thrifted styles this year.  We are starting off the 2015 Thrift Sisters Link Up with fur vests.  Please check out Keren’s blog to get the details of this real fur vest that she scored for only $2.95.

fur vest & thrift sisters link upThis is definitely a date night outfit!  I scored this faux fur vest at a local San Diego Salvation Army for $6.00 last year.  To be honest with you, styling this vest is difficult for me.  I am always uncertain as to whether there needs to be a certain color that must be paired with the vest.  However, once this outfit came together, I was really happy and satisfied.

fur vest & thrift sisters link upfur vest & thrift sisters link upIf you have been following my blog, you know that I tend to gravitate towards color.  However, in this outfit, I went with all black, using the faux fur vest to be the “pop of color”, although quite neutral.  Since San Diego is still quite warm, I was able to get away with wearing these vegan leather leggings from DailyLook for $22.00 after using some holiday coupon codes.  I have to say, I LOVE these leggings.  Perfect fit, and I can see just how versatile they can be when it comes to styling.

fur vest & thrift sisters link upfur vest & thrift sisters link upI recently visited Las Vegas and of course, I had to check out the thrift scene near The Strip – and I was not disappointed.  I went to Savers, a huge thrift store with many locations, except in San Diego.  I probably should be glad there isn’t one very close to me, or else I might spend way too much time there.  The place had an awesome selection at great prices.  It’s also the place that I found this beautiful sheer black blouse with sequin cuff details for only $6.25.   Another piece that can be so versatile.

fur vest & thrift sisters link upfur vest & thrift sisters link upfur vest & thrift sisters link upIt’s awesome to live in San Diego, where you can still rock open toe heels in January!  Not bragging, just stating a sweet fact.  I thrifted these Guess heels from Valley Thrift in Escondido, CA.  I highly recommend a trip to this store if you are in the area.  I love that these heels are so different with the animal print, they are comfortable (seriously) and of course, paid only $16.00.  Yes, you can say it with me — that’s a SCORE!

fur vest & thrift sisters link upfur vest & thrift sisters link upCompleting the outfit is my statement necklace that I purchased a long time ago at a farmers market for $10.00.  Yes, I am always on the look out for a bargain.  The clutch was purchased from Ross Dress For Less for $8.00 in the clearance section.

fur vest & thrift sisters link upHow do you style your fur vests?

Now, it’s time to jump into our Thrift Sisters link up!   Keren and I launched our Thrift Sisters link up, encouraging you to post thrifted or thrifty priced items to this link up.  We are very appreciative of those who take the time to link up their great outfits in the past.  Now it’s your turn to join us this week.  Please note that you can still link up  with us even your items are not thrifted.  We are looking for your favorite thrifted OR thrifty priced item.   Go ahead and link away for a chance to be featured as our next Thrift Sister!

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  1. I’m so glad you guys are doing the fur vests this week! A reminder that I need to pull mine out for the season! Loving these looks and the heels are killer! Yes, I’m jealous you’re not in boots!

  2. just fabulous! Love your fur vest and the style is just perfect!
    Edwige | http://www.hypnozglam.com

  3. Welcome back Ayana and Happy New Year 2015!! I am glad you and Keren are back and looking gorgeous in your fur vests and denim. I love both outfits equally, hard to choose a favorite between the two.

    Pleasure linking up for the first time this year.

    <3 Ada.

  4. love the fur vest, this year I didn’t get to wear mine.


  5. You look stunning! That blouse is so pretty, love the details on it! You always score great pieces, no surprise there. Happy New Year 215!
    We Shop in Heels

  6. Both you and Karen are rocking your faux fur vests! You are giving me sophisticated boss chic with this entire look! Lovely, elegant, and fierce! Those Guess pumps are the icing on the cake! Perfect styling!

    Feel Great Fashion

  7. GAHHHH!!! I love all the great deals you find! You look stunning and I’m so jealous that you get to wear your pretty heels in San Diego!

  8. I want a fur vest sooo bad! I love this one and just the entire look. Chic! Chic! Chic! Rock on Mama

  9. That vest is amazing! What a fantastic find! You look great.


  10. Love how you styled your fur vest. I was given a fur vest a couple of years ago, but I’ve never worn it. I need to move it to the closet in my bedroom so I can remember to wear it one day.
    We actually have Savers in my area. I need to go there. I’ve heard lots of good things about Savers.

    • Sonya,
      You should definitely move that vest to the bedroom and try it out before the season ends. I don’t have a Savers near me and I am jealous. Let me know if you find any great items.

  11. Love love love this look! I have the faux fur vest (which I rarely ever wear…I always feel self conscious when wearing it!) and it looks like I now need some leather leggings!

  12. I will have to check out Valley Thrift. I’m only 30 minutes from

  13. I love this look! I love how the fur keeps the sheer top covered to keep it more modest!
    xo, Kyla

  14. Such a beautiful look and what great finds…wish we could wear open toe shoes (jealous). Happy New Year!

  15. Ah I love it!! This is something that I need to add to my closet… a vest!

  16. First – I LOVE those shoes! Second – your outfit styling is on point! This was such a fun post to read. Since I’m in Nebraska – I really wish I were in CA where its much warmer! 🙂

  17. Gorgeous as always! $16 for those shoes is a total score!

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