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CAbi jacket and striped dress - thrift sisters link up This week on our Thrift Sisters link up, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays, and I, are sporting the same exact CAbi jacket.   Check out her blog to see how she rocked this jacket with floral tights and a high collared shirt.

CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva Keren and I always joke that we can literally walk into each other’s closet and probably wear everything as though we had purchased it ourselves.  Case in point.  Keren thrifted this CAbi jacket in Atlanta, GA.  I thrifted this jacket at the Goodwill in San Diego, CA for $6 during the San Diego Thrifting Bus Tour.  I posted my finds in my Thrifting Haul video on YouTube and upon seeing it, Keren immediately told me that she had also thrifted the same exact jacket.   When thinking of this week’s theme, we decided to showcase the CAbi jacket.

CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva I have to admit that styling this jacket was a little tricky for me.  First, it’s a short sleeve jacket — a little different won’t you say?  Second, the color is not a very common color.  Third, it almost appears as though it is a dress.  However, I spotted this striped dress that I wear often and figured this would work nicely.  This strapless Ann Taylor striped, black and white dress is also thrifted.  I bought this at AMVETS here in San Diego for $6.  I am not one to wear strapless shirts or dresses without a shirt or jacket over it, and figured this jacket would be perfect for the dress.  What say you?

CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Diva In order to let the jacket “shine” I added these thrifted Michael Kors peep toe black heels.  I love these black leather heels.  Comfortable, not too high, Michael Kors and cost only $19 from Buffalo Exchange.  Yes, I have to smile.  Thrifting is such an excellent way of saving money.  A cute handbag from JustFab and some accessories, and I was ready for Sunday brunch with the ladies!

Well, it’s Wednesay, so let’s jump into our Thrift Sisters link up!  Keren and I launched our Thrift Sisters link up, encouraging you all to post thrifted or thrifty priced items to this link up.  We are very appreciative of those who took time out to link up with us.  This week’s featured Thrift Sister is the awesome blogger from Dressing Up For Me.  Loving how she paired this GORGEOUS peplum shirt with the white boyfriend jeans!   Check out her blog for more stylish outfits.

CAbi jacket & striped dress - Thrifting Sisters Link Up
Now it’s your turn to join us this week.  Please link up your favorite thrifted or thrifty priced item.  Here are the rules.  Go ahead and link up for a chance to be featured as our next Thrift Sister!

Thrift Sisters Link Up Rules

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    1. Rachelle,
      Girl, I think it’s just a matter of seeing the diamonds in the rough and what you can do with them once a full outfit is put together. A lot of times, I definitely realize that items look not so FAB on the hanger by themselves. But, thank God for pinterest. Lots of ideas comes from there.

      Thrifting Diva

    1. Cheryl,
      Thank you honey! I didn’t see it coming together until I put the outfit on together. Glad I did. I mean, stripes might make an appearance every time I am stuck in the rut. You are very welcome also about the feature. Loved the look and thank you for joining us each Wednesday.

  1. How crazy is that! Can’t believe that you and Keren got the same exact thrifted jacket at two different stores across the country! Great minds think alike indeed! You have styled it wonderfully and flawlessly, my dear! Love how it adds a pop of color to the classic black and white striped dress! Beautiful!


    1. Ananda,
      Thank you honey! I love the jacket — definitely a little different as it’s short sleeve. But, I have actually been able to wear it a lot out here in San Diego. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Jemma,
      Thanks for the sweet compliment. I too am glad that it worked out well. You know that feeling where you are dressed and believe you pulled it off, but then you walk outside and get the stares…lol.

  2. Ayana you totally rocked those shoes….. I love the Irony of the short sleeve jacket!!!! good eye to pair the stripes with the yellow!!!!!!

    1. Cam,
      Thanks! Hey, you never know, there might be one in your local thrift store. I did try looking for it online at CAbi, but could not find one. It obviously was a few seasons prior. But, keep your eye out at your thrift and consignment shops, you just never know.

    1. That is so crazy that you managed to find the exact same jacket! It looks great on you – although I also would have had difficulty deciding what to wear with a short sleeved jacket!

      1. Raewyn,
        Yeah — crazy is right! You are right though, a short sleeved jacket is not that easy to style. I need to find some other ways to wear it to get the best use out of it though. Thank God for pinterest. Great ideas there for sure.

  3. The moment I saw that lemon yellow trench-coat on both of you I loved it. I want it myself. You both did a great job styling it. I love Keren’s floral skinny pants and I am a sucker for a nice B+W Striped Dress. Nailed it, sister!

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