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Color blocking Thrift Sisters Link Up Color blocking this week guys!  For those who do not know color blocking simply means that you pair two or three totally different colors together to make a bold statement.  Of course, coincidentally, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays, and I, are color blocking black and white!  Head over to her blog for more details on her bold and FAB dress and pocketbook! thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up These pictures were taken during my recent trip to New York City.  Heading out for some cocktails with my favorite cousin, this was a perfect choice for the fall weather in NYC.  This outfit is thrifted head to toe, including accessories!  But, when I tell you the real savings, you are really going to want to head to your nearest thrift store and hunt for these bargains. thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up

DSC_8959 This beautiful black and white sweater came from Frock You Vintage in San Diego for $5 during one of their huge sales.  So many things I love about this sweater, to include the zig zag color blocking, the faux leather front, and the slanted cut in the front and back.  But, really, can you beat $5 for this sweater? thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up

thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up These fantastic skinny jeans are Hudson jeans.  I found these at a San Diego Goodwill for $14.99 (less, after my 10% military discount).  Yup, I’ll let that linger — $14.99 for Hudson jeans.  Hudson jeans start at $150!  This particular pair of Hudson’s are $220.  You know I screamed out loud when I tried them on and they fit like a glove.  These jeans will make anyone feel like a super star…guess that’s why they want $200+ a pair. thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up Color blocking with my BCBGMaxazria red and black suede heels.  I actually thrifted the heels the same day I thrifted those Hudson jeans at the same Goodwill.  Trust me, the Thrift Gods are real!  The price – $7.99 (less after a military discount).   I probably saved about $100 on those heels.

thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up thrifted color blocking - Thrift Sisters Link Up A simple black thrifted Express clutch for $2.00 and this outfit was so NYC ready!
Are you impressed with these savings?

Now, it’s time to jump into our Thrift Sisters link up!  Keren and I launched our Thrift Sisters link up, encouraging you to post thrifted or thrifty priced items to this link up.  We are very appreciative of those who take the time to link up their great outfits.  This week’s featured Thrift Sister is Lydia from Chic on the Cheap!   We love how she styled her thrifted graphic tee for a rock concert.  Check out her blog for some awesome stylish inspiration that won’t break the bank!

Featured Thrift Sister Now it’s your turn to join us this week.  Please link up your favorite thrifted or thrifty priced item.  Here are the rules.  Go ahead and link away for a chance to be featured as our next Thrift Sister!

Thrift Sisters Link Up Rules - Thrifting Diva

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  1. I’m more than impressed and soo jealous of all your funds! :-). I love haft sweater and god that price… OMG! I will hit the nearest thrifting store soon 🙂
    Edwige |

  2. Your color-blocked pieces are amazing, especially those stunning shoes. Love Keren’s bag and dress also. And I too fell in love with that outfit of Lydia’s.

    Pleasure joining your wonderful link-up. =)

  3. Great oufit, the colour block on the top and the shoes are amazing

  4. You look fabulous. That is a great sweater at a great price!

  5. Alright now! I’ve spotted the next item that I will look forward to grabbing at the next clothing swap! That colorblock sweater is the period! Love that you chose to take it to the next level with those fierce red pumps! You never cease to amaze with your lovely and on trend thrift finds!


  6. This may be one of my favorites of yours to date! So sleek and sassy! And you have the best hair!!

  7. LOVE that sweater! The structure is amazing. GREAT find! I’m also a huge fan of Lydia’s. Great style, all around!


  8. I think I prefer the colour blocking when it’s used with B&W rather than colour. I bought a colour blocked shirt on ebay once… thought it was nice but I wore it and hated it. So much orange lol.

  9. Those heels are EVERYTHING! I love the re and boac combo <3

  10. I love color blocking. Those red pumps are awesome!

  11. Another awesome outfit! THOSE HEELS…totally make a great look even more amazing!

  12. I love both your looks, go great you find such amazing deals.

  13. I have one shirt that has the color blocking and I absolutely love it. It seems to make me taller and slimmer (both things I could definitely use!).

  14. That black and white top is so great and you look fab!

  15. Oh my goodness. You look so fantastic. That outfit is fantastic. I really like that shirt. I wish I knew how to clothes shop for myself.

  16. that top is amazing! seriously such a great thirfting score!

  17. you look fab! i love the colorblock top and the shoes! 🙂

  18. Looking great! I need to find the courage to jump out of my comfort zone and get a more diverse style! I love that top, so fun and flirty.

  19. $7.99 for those heels? What a steal!

    Midwest Darling

  20. Those color block shoes?!!? Just love! Such a great color blocking collaboration!

  21. This sweater looks like it could have walked off the rack for $100 right now – color blocking, leather accents, geometric – it was such an amazing find!
    Thanks so much for the mention!

  22. Ooh, I love the different fabrics in that sweater.

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  23. I always love seeing your blog posts! You have such great fashion choices, and obviously at such a great price. Loving those heels too 🙂

  24. Um…that’s a bangin’ top you got on!

  25. That sweater is so chic! I love it!

  26. Great outfit, love the pop of color in the shoes.

  27. This is such a great colorblocked top on you, Ayana, and those shoes! I love the pop of red – it’s the perfect addition of color.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  28. We absolutely adore Lydia from Chic on the Cheap and are so jealous of your amazing steals. It’s like it got better with each piece. In love!!! xx

  29. Wow! You look fabulous! I love, love that sweater. It’s effortless and super chic.
    Red Reticule

  30. I love this! You just look so happy in these photos. It could be that you are in NYC. 😉 The red is the perfect addition of color.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

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