Sunday , January 24 2021

bold prints + thrift sisters link up

thrift sisters prints - Thrifting Diva How to rock bold prints?  This week Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays, and I, are confidently rocking bold prints.  Please check out Keren’s blog to see the details of this awesome and chic printed pants suit.

Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print I am wearing this beautiful printed midi skirt that I recently got at a swap exchange.   Swap exchanges are great ways for me to clean out my closet and get new pieces for FREE!  In this case, I brought in about 32 pieces, but only left with 12 pieces.  This is great, as my closet was overflowing, a huge NO NO for me.  Yes, I do have a lot of clothes.  But the minute I can’t put anything else in the closet, it’s definitely time to give or sell things.  In this case, I considered it a donation to a church.

Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print However, I was super excited when I spotted this printed skirt.  You already know that I die for color, as you have seen herehere, and here.  Perfect length and best of all, pockets!  You can never go wrong with a great skirt that has pockets.  Winning every time :).

Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print Fall is slowly creeping into San Diego, but slowly.  I decided to pair my bold printed skirt with a short sleeve sweater.  I thrifted this sweater from Salvation Army for $2.50 during 50% off sale.   I love the loose fit, the color and of course, the great PRICE.

Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print Thrift Sisters Link Up - bold print I completed this outfit with my brown Tildon booties that I picked up from Nordstrom Rack for only $35.00.  Don’t you love the gold heels?  These booties are super comfortable and versatile.

Have you tried rocking a bold print lately?

Now, it’s time to jump into our Thrift Sisters link up!  Keren and I launched our Thrift Sisters link up, encouraging you to post thrifted or thrifty priced items to this link up.  We are very appreciative of those who take the time to link up their great outfits.  This week’s featured Thrift Sister is Sarah Snyder from Midwest Darling!   We love how she styled her entire outfit, awesome boots included, under $50.  Check out her blog for great styles that are chic but affordable.

Thrift Sisters Link Up Feature Now it’s your turn to join us this week.  Please link up your favorite thrifted or thrifty priced item.  Here are the rules.  Go ahead and link away for a chance to be featured as our next Thrift Sister!

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  1. That skirt is beyond gorgeous and colorful. I have never seen anything like it. Love the fun mellow yellow sweater too. Keren also is rocking the retro-inspired suit.

  2. That skirt is a masterpiece, you look fabulous.


  3. That skirt is gorgeous! I just love the colors and the booties were such a great find!

  4. You nailed it yet again my friend! That skirt is giving me life right now! There are so many style options that I have in mind for it and the pockets are a plus!! Definitely will be looking for the skirt and shoes at the next clothing swap…thank you in advance:)


  5. That skirt is way to gorgeous on you and such a steal on that sweater top! xx

  6. You look amazing! You pulled off that skirt so always!

  7. Love how vibrant that skirt is! Gorgeous as per usual.

  8. How do you look so amazing in ANYTHING?! I’m so jealous. That skirt is gorgeous on you! 🙂

  9. I LOVE that colorful skirt! I looks so fantastic. You are so good with pairing it to other things that work so well. That top looks great and your jewelry is perfect. I wish I had more of a fashion sense to think of these things.

    • Michelle,
      Thank you so very much for your comment. I think we all have a fashion sense within, it’s just a matter of actually trying things out. Yes, for some people it might be easier, but I also look at various outlets for inspiration all the time.

  10. Love that skirt and the colours are just wow, I love how you have paired with that jumper and I do love a good pair of heels plus deep pockets on a skirt are a must

  11. Ooh love the switch up featuring another blogger! 🙂

  12. YES! I love this look. So vibrant and colorful. That skirt is amazing. I hope to swap some things soon. I need to find a good swap party, or host one, in my area!

    P.S. LOVE those booties from the Rack!


  13. Wow! That skirt just brings so many tropical thoughts into Fall! I’m loving it!

  14. That skirt! Those shoes!! Love!!!

  15. Aw Thanks for the feature!

  16. That skirt is so bright and colorful.

  17. Love that bold skirt pattern and colors! I need to venture out!

  18. Oh my word, I love that skirt!!!

  19. hi ayana! i always love seeing what you come up with and it’s always beautiful! =)

  20. Your picks and style are so original it is so fun to wait and see what you will pair up next! That skirt is def a fastive statement piece. But of course you sure do pull it off!

  21. You’ve got to be my favorite thriftanista, darling! This skirt is so gorgeous! This whole look is so vibrant and elegant! LOVE!

  22. These sure are bold! I love those shoes.

  23. I love this outfit and especially the sandals. Unfortunately for us the temps have dropped to the 30’s so it’s time for me to put away the sandals for the season.

  24. I mean’t open shoes, not sandals – been a long day.

  25. Great pictures. That gold sweater looks great with your skin!

    My closet is overflowing and I am REALLY overdue with doing something about that.

  26. I’m a little shy when it comes to bold prints but you gals ROCKED THEM!

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