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black & white - Thrift Sisters - Thrifting DivaNothing beats a classic black and white outfit!  This week Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays, and I, weeerrkked black and white.  Please check out Keren’s blog to get the details about her AWESOME black and white blazer and leather skirt.  One word for her outfit – FIERCE!

Black & White Outfit - Thrifting Diva Black & White Outfit - Thrifting DivaMy outfit features this gorgeous black and white printed pencil skirt from Boohoo.  You should already know that this skirt was purchased at a very thrifty price of $9.99 due to an awesome clearance sale.  I absolutely love the fit, and of course the design on the front of the skirt.  Simply elegant, classy and chic.

Black & White Outfit - Thrifting DivaNow, an honest moment but also a teaching moment about knowing how to wear clothes to hide your imperfections.  After two little ones, although to be honest, the youngest is 3, I still have not lost all of the baby pooch.  If you know what I am talking about, then you know that it can sometimes be very hard to rock your favorite pieces without feeling a little subconscious.   To the rescue – a peplum shirt!  Perfect shirt that beautifully hides imperfections in the midsection.

Black & White Outfit - Thrifting Diva Black & White Outfit - Thrifting Diva Black & White Outfit - Thrifting DivaI thrifted this fabulous black BCBG peplum shirt from City Digz, a thrift store in San Diego, for $2.99.   Check out the high-low detail in the shirt and the exposed back zipper.  You have to agree with me that this was a great score!

Black & White Outfit - Thrifting Diva Black & White Outfit - Thrifting DivaYes I know it’s past Labor day and I am wearing white shoes.  However, when you live in a city where the average temperature in October is in the 80’s, white simply is a must to complete this outfit.  I thrifted these BCBG heels from Bad Madge & Company vintage store for $11.00.  I love how they add the class to this outfit.  To finish the look, I added a white necklace and bracelet purchased from Charming Charlie for $4.00 and $2.00.  Of course with an outfit such as this one, a clutch simply was no brainer.  This black Steve Madden clutch was a steal at $2.00 from a DC Goodwill.

Black & White Outfit - Thrifting DivaNow, it’s time to jump into our Thrift Sisters link up!  Keren and I launched our Thrift Sisters link up, encouraging you to post thrifted or thrifty priced items to this link up.  We are very appreciative of those who take the time to link up their great outfits.  This week’s featured Thrift Sister is Whitney Nic James.  We especially love how Whitney identified summer pieces that will work as part of her transitional fall wardrobe.  This allows her to maximize her fall outfits without being forced to spend too much.   Check out her blog to learn more about her transitional wardrobe.

Thrift Sister LInk Up - Thrifting DivaNow it’s your turn to join us this week.  Please link up your favorite thrifted or thrifty priced item.  Here are the rules.  Go ahead and link away for a chance to be featured as our next Thrift Sister!


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  1. Stunning look, b&w is always a classic.


  2. Great look, the prints on the pencil skirt is so cute

  3. As always, you look fabulous!! Love love love that peplum top, especially the way it splits in the back!

    Hope you are having a great Wednesday!!!

    Hugs! Amber

  4. You are so right – black and white is always my go-to for looking polished and classy. Love your skirt!

  5. You are looking fabulous channeling Ms. Olivia Pope herself! This look speaks volumes! It says that you’re an elegant, confident, and sophisticated woman who knows her worth! I love it!


    • Robyn,
      Hahaha. AWESOME compliment. I love me some Olivia Pope and her style I love. I think clothes and outfits can definitely add to our confidence and of course, knowing me, I am not willing to break the bank on an outfit.

  6. Great skirt and that’s a great price. Love the top too. You look beautiful and elegant.

    • Leroy,
      Thank you! You of all persons know that the price of an outfit does not always have to reflect just how FAB you will or will not look. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Love seeing you on the blog.

  7. Love this outfit, top and bottom. The detail on the top is different and the print in the skirt is really pretty.

  8. That flower color-blocked pencil skirt is beyond gorgeous. You did a great job styling it. We have something in common today because I am also wearing a white pencil skirt. =))

    And Whitney’s style ideas are great.

    • Ada,
      Thank you! I was really happy when I saw it in person as the pictures still don’t do it justice! Your white pencil skirt is really cute as well and truly versatile. Yes, LOVE Whitney’s style ideas.

  9. From head to toe, this outfit is way too gorgeous and such a steal. Loving the top!! xx

  10. I can’t begin to tell you how I love this look! So elegant! – I totally get what you are talking about and I’m dealing with that right now! Great tips, Diva! Thank you:)
    Eldo |

  11. I agree – nothing beats a nice B&W outfit. In fact, I ended up buying some black pixi pants with tiny white polkadots on them today, from Old Navy 🙂

  12. I love that top! It’s the perfect peplum because it’s longer in the back. I love the shape of peplums but because I have a curvy bum, they aren’t usually very flattering. Love this one!

    • Chelsea,
      Thank you! Aaah, the curvy bums! I actually think they look even better on those with a curvy hip just because it accentuates the curves. But I hear what you are saying. At the end of the day, we have to go with what makes us feel comfortable.

  13. You would never know your outfits are so thrifty! You always look so great! 🙂

    • Erica,
      That is definitely the idea. You don’t and should not look like you are wearing throw away clothing, but thrift store clothes can be just as fashionable and awesome like those in the retail. I hope that I have inspired you to give thrifting a chance if you don’t already.

  14. Gorgeous outfit, peplum really suits you! The skirt is so glam 🙂

  15. Cute look!!! I love both the vellum shirt and the black and white skirt.

  16. I love that outfit! Beautiful!

  17. BW outfits are the best. That peplum looks great on you !

  18. $10 for that skirt??? Gorgeous!

  19. Gurl stop it, you look awesome, my baby is 18 and I still haven’t lost my baby fat and I blame him – (lol). Black and white is and will always be a classic combination that stays in style.

    • Antionette,
      Hahaha. I know, I know, I am not too far off from achieving my right goal, but you know us women, we need something to find imperfect all the time. Lol @ blaming your 18 year old.

  20. The shape of this outfit is STUNNING on you. The tight midi-skirt with the peplum top. It’s ridiculously hot. You look sleek and chic, but SEXY!!!!

  21. I love black and white together! That skirt is beautiful!

  22. Love the black pattern on the white skirt! Stunning!

  23. This is very elegant and classy.You can never go wrong with black and white!

  24. Giiiirl I love that skirt! I want it but, I’m pretty sure you look better in it then I would!

  25. Stunning outfit as always, I’m amazed at the things you manage to find 🙂

  26. AMAZING LOOK !!!
    I love your skirt and the combination is perfect.
    Great post !!!.

  27. You both look so classy and sophisticated! I love that floral skirt on you. What a fantastic deal, especially with that top!

  28. I love black and white together. I’m also a big fan of a pencil skirt. You just can’t go wrong with either.


  29. Mimi,
    Yes, black and white are just so easy! Throw a pencil skirt into the fun and easy day all the time. Thank you for stopping by.

    Thrifting Diva

  30. I so love this look. Fabulous! You simply can’t go wrong with B&W. I love a Fashionably Fabulous thriftanista…..werk!

  31. Girl you are working this!! I love anything black and white. It’s always so chic. The print on the skirt is amazing, and I love the detailing on the back of the top. The white heels are the perfect addition.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  32. What a chic, and classic look! Way to rock that skirt!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  33. I love when you do link ups because I love to see how other ladies rock a concept. You guys always bring it!

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